Consortium Partners


Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is committed to the development and application of new biomass for energy, feed and food, as well as being active in the environmental sector. DTI is project manager in the Macroalgae Biorefinery3 project as well as the "Energy Production from Marine Biomass (Ulva lactuca)" project, commonly known as the "Sea Lettuce project".





Aarhus University, National Centre for Environment and Energy (AU) has extensive experience in algal cultivation and a large knowledge base within algal physiology, biochemistry, distribution and uses. AU is leader and/or participant in three national projects in the use of aquatic biomass for energy.

Both DTI and AU participate in the Macroalgae Biorefinery3 project funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, in the EC funded "BioWalk4Biofuels" as well as in the regional project "Algae to Biogas in Region Midtjylland".


 Aarhus Universitet


Kattegatcentret (KC) in Grenaa is an independent fund and is operated on a non-profit basis. Kattegatcentret communicates broad knowledge of marine life locally and globally and has an active school service, which is visited annually by 14,000 students.

The cultivation facility is built with support from Bdr. Hartmanns Fond, Danish Technological Institute, Aarhus University and the project BioWALK4Biofuels under the European Community┬┤s Seventh Framework Programme.



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