Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018




More than 100 participants engaged in seaweeds

Reasearchers and industries are increasingly becoming engaged in seaweeds. This year's conference counted more than 100 participants from 10 different countries from New Zealand in the South to Norway and Iceland in the North. 


A seaweed market with seaweed ice cream, facial cream, pesto, chips and even a chair followed by a special circus dinner spiced the conference this year. 






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Abstract book

Please find abstract book here



Marie Magnusson: Succesful demonstration scale production in the tropics

Alexander Handå: MACROSEA - a knowledge platform for industrial macroalgae cultivation in Norway

Michéle Barbier: Pegasus - Phycomorph European guidelines for sustainable aquaculture of seaweeds

Maria Zakharova, OLEOTEK & Isabelle Gendron-Lemieux: Extraction of value added compounds from Saccharina longicruis and biological promerties

Ditte Hermund & Louise Klinder: New antioxidants from seaweed for cosmetical applications

Signe Helle Ptak: Optimizing fucoidan yeild from Baltic focus brown algae species

Jakob Nepper-Davidsen: What really killed the Sugar Kelp

Philip Kerrison: Carpospore production by Palmaria Palmata as a new method for its cultivation

Peter Schmedes: How to cultivate Pamaria Palmata as a new method for its cultivation

Dagbjørn Skipnes: Thermal properties of Saccharina Latissima and Alaria Esculenta

Tom Wijers: Extraction of protein for fish feed

Søren Ugilt Larsen: Ensiling of seaweed and conservation of sugars for biofuel production

Adrian Macleod: The development of seaweed farming in Europe - environmental impacts and prioritizing key knowledge gaps

Dorte Krause: Blue Carbon