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Documents in English


Pretreatment of the macroalgae Chaetomorpha linum for the production of bioethanol - comparison of five pretreatment technologies HERE


Energy Production from marine Biomass (Ulva Lactuca) HERE


Investigating mutual benefits of cultivating two brown algae species HERE


Does blue and red light have an impact on the pretein content of macro algae HERE


Compiling new GiS maps HERE


MacroAlgaeBiorefinery HERE


Cultivation of Ulva Lactuca with manure for Bioremediation HERE


Bioenergy Potential of Ulca Lactuca HERE


Danish Research into the growth and use of algae HERE


Impact of environmental conditions on biomass yield, quality, and bio-mitigation capacity of Saccharina latissima HERE


Fucoidan in kelps HERE



Documents in Danish

Biomasse i det fremtidige danske energisystem HER


Den blå biomasse HER


Søsalat giver 45 tons tørstof/HA HER


Algeproduktion til energiformål i Region Midtjylland HER


Røggas giver over 40 % mere søsalat HER


Havet - en uudnyttet ressource HER


Alger til biogas i Region Midtjylland HER


Nye veje mod et bæredygtigt landbrug HER


Marine Virkemidler HER