Areas of Research within Algae

Under "AlgeCenter Danmark" there are a number of research projects.

We conduct research in the areas of:

  • Biorefinery
  • Algae growing
  • Energy production



The SeaRefinery project will develop and test an innovative biorefinery approach for seaweed exploitation in Northern Europe, to produce natural algal molecules of added value for nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and bio-based materials for industrially purpose.

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MacroAlgaeBiorefinery (MAB4)

The MAB4-project will breed and mature sea-farmed crops of seaweed by improved and new cultivation methods in Danish and Faroese waters. The goal is to establish seaweed cultivation as a Danish disciplin for providing seaweed biomass for the business sectors of food and feed ingredients, and cosmetics.

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MacroFuels is a four-year H2020 project and it aims to achieve a breakthrough in biofuel production from macroalgae. MacroFuel will scale up the production of macroalgae as well as the biorefinery processes.

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Macro Cascade

The overall objective of MACRO CASCADE is to prove the concept of the cascading marine macroalgal biorefinery. This is a production platform that covers the whole technological chain for processing sustainable cultivated macroalgae biomass - also known as seaweed -   to highly processed value added products.

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The TANG.NU (seaweed now) project explores the prospects of harvesting and collecting seaweeds as a so-called marine means to create a cleaner marine environment, and subsequently using the seaweed biomass for food and feed.

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Energy Production from Marine Biomass (Ulva Lactuca)

Suggestions as to how macro algae (Ulva lactuca) can be cultivated and used for energy production in Denmark.

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Algae for Biogas in Central Denmark Region

The main goal of the project is to establish and manage a land-based test and demonstration plant for cultivating algae in Grenaa, Denmark and optimize the growth of macro algae and their use for biogas production.

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