Marine resources i.e. seaweeds are as yet an underexploited resource. Seaweeds have more potential than any land-based crop to produce natural biomolecules to be used for feed, food, cosmetic, polymer and pharma industries.


The SeaRefinery project will therefore develop and test an innovative biorefinery approach for seaweed exploitation in Northern Europe, to produce natural algal molecules of added value for nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and bio-based materials for industrially purpose. There has been no prior attempt to cultivate and process seaweed for targeted biomolecules in EU based industrial demand.



  • Establishment of test and formulation systems, based on the first products from work package 2 e.g. for phlorotanin and laminarin
  • Establishment of suitable pilot plant equipment optimized for the process developed
  • Successful cultivation, harvesting, conditioning and storage of the selected seaweed in order to deliver sufficient amounts for the whole project



  • Danish Technological Institute, Denmark (project manager)
  • Centexbel (the Belgian Textile Research Centre), Belgium
  • Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • Marinox ehf, Iceland
  • CyberColloids Ltd, Ireland
  • Sioen Industries NV, Belgium
  • Hortimare AS, The Netherlands
  • ViVoX ApS, Denmark