Research Plant at Grenaa Harbour

AlgaeCenter Denmark has algae cultivation facilities at the Kattegatcenter at Grenaa Harbour.


The plant at Grenaa Harbour is Denmark's first recirculation system for research and development in the use of algae as a new resource. The plant consists of twelve large cultivation tanks for the controlled cultivation of seaweeds.


Research should enhance growth

Industry as well as researchers from Aarhus University and Danish Technological Institute will conduct research together, and their findings are to be used to enhance growth and development - both regional, nationally and internationally.

Research Plant

Funding of plant

The plant is funded by Danish Technological Institute and Aarhus University, while the Kattegatcenter is making a 500 m2 area available for the plant.


Mission - to promote the largest untapped biomass resource

Aarhus University and Danish Technological Institute have the mission to promote the use of the largest untapped biomass resource, algae and create new business in Denmark. With the plant as research facility they have a unique opportunity to document almost every aspect of algae growth and cultivation, and thus generate knowledge that makes it possible to assess the potential of converting the algae to biogas, bioethanol, food etc.